Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Haven Democracy Fund declares primary election 'contested'

NEW HAVEN - The New Haven Democracy Fund has declared the primary race for the mayor's office "officially a contested election," according to a release.

"Pursuant to New Haven Democracy Fund Ordinance Section 2-822(3), as Administrator, I declare the Primary Election on September 10, 2013," Kenneth J. Krayeske said in a release.
"On April 10, 2013, candidate Gary Holder-Winfield reported raising $7,709 for the Primary Election. Mr. Holder-Winfield is the second candidate to surpass the $5,500 threshold, as enumerated in the Ordinance."

"With the election being officially declared contested, I respectfully request that the Department of Finance begin processing the $19,000 grant under the Ordinance for participate candidate Justin Elicker and his campaign, Justin Elicker for Mayor. The Elicker for Mayor Campaign has qualified under the Ordinance to receive this payment, as the campaign has submitted and had verified more than 200 matching donations. The Elicker for Mayor Campaign has already received its first check from the Democracy Fund for these matching contributions.

Read full coverage of the mayoral race here.

Read the full letter here:

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