Monday, April 8, 2013

New Haven mayoral candidate Sundiata Keitazulu signs up for Democracy Fund

NEW HAVEN - Sundiata Keitazulu, a Democratic
candidate for mayor, is the third "to contract with the New Haven Democracy Fund as a
participating candidate for the 2013 Mayoral Election," according to a release.
"Keitazulu and his treasurer, Melanie Phillip Denby, submitted the required Participation Affidavit andthe Candidate Contract to Administrator Ken Krayeske Thursday," the release said.
Keitazulu, who is running for mayor as a Democrat, became the third
Earlier on April 4, 2013, Keitazulu filed papers on April 4 with the City Clerk’s Office officially forming his candidate committee, Citizens for Keitazulu, the statement said.
 Krayeske accepted Keitazulu’s contract, the release said.
"Keitazulu’s participation will allow his campaign access to the Democracy Fund’s hybrid system of public campaign financing. Once Keitazulu collects 200 donations by registered New Haven voters between $10 and $370 dollars, the Fund will match the first $25 of each donation 2-to-1. Once he makes the 200 donations, and the election is contested (in that another candidate has spent $5,500.00), Keitazulu will be able to collect a $19,000 grant. He can continue to collect matching funds, up to $125,000.00, throughout the election."
The Candidate Contract, Participation Affidavit and other documents will be posted on the Democracy Fund’s website, the release said.
"Keitazulue will be required to post his filings on the SEEC’s eCris website, as well, to insure the full disclosure that is at the heart of public campaign financing."

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