Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Absentee ballots: Spanish and English

These are copies of absentee ballots for electors in Connecticut. They can be downloaded and printed.
Learn more about use of such ballots here.

Here is what is says about reasons for obtaining such a ballot:
"I the undersigned applicant believe that I am, or will be, eligible to vote at the election, primary or referendum indicated above and
that I expect to be unable to appear at the polling place during the hours of voting for the reason below: (check only one)
□ My active service in the Armed Forces of the United States
□ My absence from the town during all of the hours of voting
□ My illness
□ My religious tenets forbid secular activity on the day of the election, primary or referendum
□ My duties as a primary, election or referendum official at a polling place other than my own during all of the hours of voting
□ My physical disability"

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