Friday, January 11, 2013

DeLauro backs funding of firearms research

State Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3, has taken lead with a number of colleagues in the House to encourage Vice President Joe Biden to push to eliminate the budget riders that effectively chill the CDC from asking basic questions about how to prevent firearms injuries.
“We conduct evidence-based research into car crashes, drowning, poisoning, child abuse, and all other causes of accidents and injuries. We should be doing the same kind of research in order to prevent firearms injuries and save lives,” DeLauro and three other House members wrote in a letter to Biden.
They pointed out that the author of the original restriction on the CDC, in a recent opinion piece, said he realizes now that the language has prevented policymakers from getting the answers as to the effect of a weapons’ ban, firearms registration and licensing or how to keep weapons out of the hands of those with serious mental illness.
Prior to this, former Rep. Jay DIckey. R-Arizonia, said the CDC conducted “high-quality” research into the causes of gun violence.

Further, according to a statement, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee will hold a hearing at 2 p.m.  Jan. 16, on “Gun Violence Prevention: A Call to Action.”  "The hearing will discuss what can be done to prevent future gun violence and learn from the wide range of experience and expertise presented by the invited panelists."  It is to include  Pelosi, DeLauro, co-chair of the Democratic Steering & Policy Committee, U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews,  Mike Thompson, cchairman of the Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention, and members of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention, the statement said.


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