Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Murphy posts $855,000 'haul' in Q1

The Murphy campaign released 1st Quarter fundraising earnings of $855,000 from 1,000 donors.
According to the campaign, that means Murphy has raised $4.24 million during the campaign so far, with nearly $3 million cash on hand.
Those 1,000 donors came, according to Murphy, in the final weeks of March, just as the quarter was winding down.
"Our fundraising lead has always been propelled by the unmatched breadth of our donor community. We had 3,000 contributions in the first quarter of the year, with an amazing surge of 1,000 contributors who answered our call in the final week of March," Murphy said. "That's the kind of base of enthusiastic support that wins elections."
The campaign also put up an "infographic" on the specifics:
  • 3,106 individual contributions -- twice as many contributors as any previous quarter 
  • 86% of individual contributions were $250 or less 
  • Over $850,000 total raised in January, February, and March

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