Thursday, March 29, 2012

GOP grabbing some unaffiliated voters, but not all that many

According to the secretary of the State, 3,878 new voters have registered with the Republican party since the start of 2012 — add that to 1,515 unaffiliated voters, well, affiliating with the GOP and you might think that the numbers add up to a real groundswell of involvement for the Republican primary.
It probably doesn't.
SOTS Denise Merrill clarified today that, to date, "more than 16,402 new voters registered to vote." That includes 5,189 Democrats plus 6,991 new voters registering as unaffiliated.
According to Merill's release:
Compared to 2008 numbers, these numbers represent a decline in both new Republican voters and unaffiliated voters enrolling in the party in the months leading up to the Republican Presidential Preference primary. In 2008, some 6,300 new voters registered as Republicans in the 90 days prior to the primary, while some 3,600 unaffiliated voters enrolled as Republicans during that same time period.
Of the 2 million active, registered voters, 734,431 are Democrats, 414,539 are Republicans, but the majority, 828,252 of them, are unaffiliated voters.
Here's how all the parties break down:
PARTY                                                     COUNT
--------------------------------------------------  -----------
A Better Future                                                    6
A Connecticut Party                                             4
A Sentinel Party                                                 30
Canterbury First                                                   2
Chatham Party                                                      9
Concerned Citizens                                          196
Connecticut For Lieberman                               81
Democratic                                               734,431
Enfield Taxpayers Party                                      2
Friends Of Saybrook                                         13
Green                                                             1,722
Guilty                                                                         1
Independence                                                   808
Independence For Montville                                8
Independent                                                   9,482
Libertarian                                                     1,259
Milford Independent Party                                  2
Norwich for Change                                            1
Pro-Bethel                                                            2
Realistic Balance                                                 3
Reform                                                              87
Republican                                               414,539
Swing                                                                  1
The Hampton Party                                             1
Unaffiliated                                             828,252
We The People                                                  47
Winsted Independent                                        36
Working Families                                           164
Total Active Voters    1,991,189

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