Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scott blasts Slossberg of death penalty (release)

Former State Senator Tom Scott, R-Milford, today blasted State Senator Gayle Slossberg, D-Milford, for switching her vote on capital punishment.
"Senator Slossberg sided with the ACLU and other groups that coddle violent criminals, instead of standing with her constituents and the law-abiding people of Connecticut," Scott said.
"When she flip-flopped on capital punishment, Slossberg broke her word to the voters of Milford, Orange and West Haven. She consistently campaigned in support of protecting innocent citizens by preserving the death penalty, but at the moment of truth, she stood with the ACLU and other apologists for violent criminals."
As Senator, Scott was a leader in the effort to strengthen Connecticut's death penalty law.
"The Connecticut legislature has once again shown that it is out of touch with the people," Scott said.  "We have too many lawyers in the State Senate, willing to bend over backwards for the rights of violent criminals at the expense of law abiding taxpayers.
"In Connecticut, far too often the violent criminal is back on the streets before his victim leaves the hospital. This must stop.  I hope the voters will remember Slossberg's betrayal when they go to the polls this November."


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