Friday, March 30, 2012

RTC chair 'not happy' with Roraback press release - so Roraback corrects it

UPDATED — Newtown Republican Town Committee Chairman Dennis Bloom said he "wasn't really happy" about how the Roraback campaign portrayed the results of a recent RTC straw poll.
Republican congressional candidate Roraback's campaign staff sent out a press release Thursday that declared "Roraback won the poll by a commanding margin, garnering more votes than all four GOP competitors combined."
Not true, Bloom said.
Roraback did win the poll of Newtown RTC members — he received 12 votes. Mark Greenberg came in second with seven; Justin Bernier came in a close third with six votes, and Mike Clark and Lisa Wilson-Foley garnered a pair of votes each.
So while Andrew Roraback did win, Bloom took issue with the implication. The purpose of the poll, Bloom said, is to give the Republican delegates from Newtown a sense of how RTC members feel.
"I didn't like the idea that we backed anybody," Bloom said. "I talked to Andrew about it. We do not back anybody."
As RTC chair, Bloom said he could offer an endorsement, if he chose, but he hasn't yet for the 5th district race (he endorsed Linda McMahon for Senate) — he may yet, but he's not sharing who or when.
When asked who he, personally had voted for in the straw poll, Bloom said, well, nobody — "I didn't even vote."
Later Friday, Roraback did the stand-up thing — he admitted his mistake and apologized.
In an email sent to supporters, Roraback took ownership of the mistake:
The purpose of this email is to correct inadvertent misstatements in yesterday's Eblast. Without regard to the cause of the error, I am the candidate and the buck stops with me. Being faithful to the facts is how I live my life both privately and publicly.
The error in yesterday's email was this: Yesterday's communication stated that I received a majority of the votes in the straw poll at the Newtown RTC on Wednesday, and that I received more votes than the other four candidates combined. The facts are as follows: In that non-binding straw poll, I received 12 votes, Mark Greenberg received 7 votes, Justin Bernier received 6 votes, Lisa Wilson Foley received 2 votes, and Mike Clark received 2 votes. This makes my total 41 percent of the vote, not a majority. I am extremely pleased to have received so much support from the important town of Newtown. I sincerely regret the error. Your understandIng is much appreciated.
There are a total of 50 Newtown residents on the RTC.
For context, here are a pair of videos from a candidate forum conducted by the Newtown RTC, and provided on YouTube:

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