Monday, February 27, 2012

Wilson-Foley hammers Roraback (again) on the death penalty

Candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley is once again attacking Andrew Roraback on the death penalty. 
"The people who serve in elective office should have principles and not bargain them away for political ends. Keeping the death penalty is a serious matter and it shouldn't become a political trading card. You are either for it or against it."
Last week, Roraback announced that he, maybe, would not be voting for repeal  as he has before, tying the issue to the earned risk reduction credit legislation, passed last year, that allows for criminal sentences to be reduced under some circumstances.

Roraback was quite clear -- he is against the death penalty, though his position was seen by some as a way to  stand against the death penalty (with the majority of his party) and not against his own conscience.
In her release Monday, Wilson-Foley again called forth the statistics Gods, though, some statistics show not "overwhelming" support for capital punishment, as Wilson-Foley suggests:
Wilson Foley said Sen. Roraback should not qualify any decision when the issue is this serious and supported by an overwhelming number of Connecticut's citizens. She noted that a majority of those on death row - seven inmates - were convicted for their crimes committed in the 5thCongressional District.

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