Friday, February 17, 2012

Legislature moving (slowly) into the 21st century

Should mail to legislators fly first class? No longer.
A bill is being brought up in committee today that would allow notices of special sessions to be sent to legislators "by means other than by first class mail."
What those means are has not yet been specified, but as the proposed bill notes, it must be a "true copy," which leads me to assume no email. 
At the same time, a bill in being raised that would let constituents opt out of mailings from legislators.
It would force lawmakers "to include a note on all future informational mailings providing constituents with the option of receiving information from their legislators by electronic mail rather than posted mail."
The purpose of the bill, so it states, is, "To reduce the cost of legislative mailings and provide savings to the state."
So instead of a mailbox bursting with junk, your spam filter can catch it, I suppose. 


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