Friday, February 17, 2012

Salcedo makes it to Mexico - "All is normal"

In furthering our continuing coverage of Senate candidate Sylvester Salcedo's whirlwind trip to Mexico, we can  announce that Salcedo has made it South of the Border.
Two days ago, Salcedo was kind enough to let us know he was hitting the road.
Here's a hasty email he dashed off in between expressions of solidarity with victims of the drug war.
...rushing to Laredo bishop's residence...more soon, Sylvester ...all is safe and normal...
 The photo here shows Salcedo, at left, with the Nuevo Laredo mayor's private secretary, Enrique Garza Flores.
A bit later, Salcedo sent the following. Keep in mind, he was only expecting to spend a couple of hours in Mexico. After all, he's got a two-year-old - and a Senate campaign - to manage.
very fun visit...bishop is out town, spoke to his #2 who was very receptive, just leaving US consul general..nice guy, great chat, great insight, now mtg with staff of a returning migrants insttute, then to walk across bridge to my car in Laredo...

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