Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Like This Page: Facebook 'likes' result in FEC complaint against Wilson-Foley

Could soliciting Facebook "likes" violate campaign finance law?
The Connecticut Conservative Coalition, operated, so its website says, by Sean Murphy, has apparently filed a complaint against Congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley, alleging that her campaign and her businesses have gotten a little too close for comfort.
According to Murphy,
"It seems that the actions of Wilson-Foley’s businesses have been giving something of value to the Lisa Wilson-Foley Congressional Campaign, as discussed in 114.1(a). The businesses have utilized Wilson-Foley in its advertisements, on its websites, and on its Facebook accounts."
The complaint goes on to talk about two commercials for Apple Rehab that feature the candidate. The commercials have been running on Fox News, which, as Murphy says, is known to be frequented by conservatives. Here are the videos:

And then there are the Facebook mentions. According to the complaint, Wilson-Foley is blending her personal, professional and political personas improperly on Facebook. The Facebook profile for one of her properties, Blue Fox Run Golf Course, posted this on its Facebook page, according to the complaint:
“If you get the chance please follow Lisa Wilson-Foley on her Facebook page wilsonfoley2012. She needs more friends.”
The social media question is perhaps the most interesting aspect. It's so easy to post the wrong thing to an account, seeing as many users have multiple profiles. Has the FEC made a determination on social media profile usage?

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Anonymous Mitch Beck said...

I have known Ms. Wilson-Foley for some time now.

I have also had interactions with Mr. Murphy.

Based purely upon my personal experiences with Ms. Wilson-Foley, it's safe to say that this is more of a creation of Mr. Murphy seeking some attention rather than Ms. Wilson-Foley looking to slip one past the system and frankly it just strikes me as silly.

Ms. Wilson-Foley is among the classiest most sincere and generous people that I have ever had the good fortune to know.

I have traveled all across this country and have known many famous and not so famous people and I have no issue whatsoever in saying that Ms. Wilson-Foley has some of the deepest convictions and integrity of anyone I know. Ms. Wilson-Foley, and she does not see people with an R or a D or even an I/U next to their name. She judges them as individuals and see sees all people as inherently good and is frankly one of the most honest and upfront people I know.

I think that's an admirable trait.

I would make a comment about the interactions that I've had with Mr. Murphy, but I make it a habit not to run-people down or cast aspersions on them...

January 17, 2012 at 4:47 PM 
Anonymous JoAnn Cantonese said...

Here is a classic example of Republicans eating their own! I have been watching these same ads since long before Lisa got into the race for CT 05. This just goes beyond the pale. Lisa has every right to promote her family businesses as we all do. Since she has the looks and the brains, she is the obvious choice for company spokeswoman.

Mr. Murphy, as usual, is playing partisan politics with this issue. Compare it to Mark Greenberg and that shameless parade of kids with puppies he uses for props on his Facebook page for the Simon Foundation.

Compare it to Bernier using Military members as props on his Facebook page. He can't use a business because he is a professional politician. He has never made a payroll.

The difference with all of these people is that Lisa actually made something of her life. I bet all of her employees are glad she promotes the businesses her family owns and operates because it keeps them employed.

It's just like Murphy to take shots at the frontrunner!

January 17, 2012 at 9:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job JoAnn (or should I say Chris Healy, her new campaign manager) You complain about Republicans eating their own...and then you throw bombs at other candidates? I checked Greenberg's and Bernier's CONGRESSIONAL facebook pages and do not see these things you allude to. This story is about Lisa Wilson Foley and not anybody else. However, this is typical Chris Healy politics at work. Your candidate gets mentioned in a negative light and then rather than deal with the issue at hand, you try to deflect it and take down other candidates. For a campaign that has already had four different campaign managers, perhaps you should work more on helping your candidate win and not trying to take down the others in the race.

January 18, 2012 at 11:40 AM 
Anonymous Sean Murphy said...

Sure looks like Chris Healy has sent out the smear merchants. I filed the complaint because I feel it is wrong to use your personally owned businesses to promote your Congressional campaign. I am unsure if it is illegal under FEC laws. My complaint asks the FEC to look into this. It may turn out nothing is illegal.

Mitch, have you ever donated money to, held a fundraiser for, or supported Lisa?

How much of Apple Rehab's money comes from the taxpayers? From Apple's website, Brian Foley started it over 30 years ago, which was before he and Lisa were married. She did not start that business.

Where did the money come from to start the other businesses? Did she earn it or did it come from Brian? This is relevant because if you want to go out there and claim you start businesses, there is a huge difference between getting it from a spouse and starting from scratch.

Feel free to discuss our interactions Mitch. I suggest anyone reading this, go friend Mitch on Facebook and see what he says about people. I had to block him because of his actions.

Mitch, since you are such a loyal Republican, how about all Lisa's donations to Democrats. She and her husband spent most of the 1990s and 2000s maxing out to Democrats, including Chris Murphy. Any comments there?

As for JoAnn, I have no idea who you are. Are you a real person?

The ads were posted after Lisa entered the 5th Congressional race.

How am I playing partisan politics? I have spoken out for years against wrong things that people do? I went after the GOP for using national rules to manipulate nominations. I went after the zoning chairman, who was a Republican and now Democrat, because he violates state law regularly. You not knowing me shows you are just here to smear me. No surprise. You should do your homework before passing on marching orders from Healy.

I even defend candidates on a regular basis against smears even if I do not support them. I have repeatedly defended Linda McMahon against the smears about deaths of wrestlers. The problem is I am intellectually honest with what I believe. If something is right, I defend it. If it is wrong, I oppose it. I stand up for what I believe.

What Justin or Mark do is not relevant. If you think there is something illegal, file an FEC complaint.

These actions are why so many people are fed up with politics. Attack the messenger, smear the messenger, and destroy the messenger. I believe what Lisa did is wrong. Not sure if it is illegal.

January 18, 2012 at 1:10 PM 

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