Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Roraback: "Hundreds" of individuals have donated from the 5th

Sen. Andrew Roraback announced his candidacy rather late in the game — in mid-October — so the financial disclosure he, and other candidates are preparing for the Jan. 31 deadline is his first.
Go on to the Federal Election Commission website and you'll see it: A big fat zero next to Roraback's name. 
But, according to Roraback, that's not going to be the case much longer.
"I've been raising lots of money," Roraback said, though he declined to give specifics. It's also worth noting that no candidate it likely to say that fundraising is going terribly. 
Nonetheless, it's a fair comparison to look at Roraback's Republican contenders and, in particular, Lisa Wilson-Foley. She posted receipts totaling $613,361, with $457,031 cash on hand. Of course, 49.14 percent of it came from her own personal account. (She also posted $300,000 of debt.)
Mark Greenberg posted considerably less that Wilson-Foley, so far $234,739 in receipts and $100,284 cash on hand (with $100,000 of debt), 14.97 percent of which came from his own pockets.
Justin Bernier, as of the last filing, posted $381,765 in receipts (so says the FEC) and $191,216 cash on hand, with only $7,501 — that puts him at the top of the fundraising ladder, having out-raised other Republican candidates in the last quarter, according to his campaign staff.
If Roraback is right, it's clear that once the next report is filed, the fundraising game for Republicans in the 5th district could change.
"When the report is released I think people will learn that I have been able to secure the very generous support of hundreds of people throughout the 5th district," he said. "It will reveal that I've met with a great deal of success."

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