Friday, December 23, 2011

The final installment: Mann's examination of Malloy comes to a close

Ted Mann's 20-part series on Gov. Dannel Malloy wraps up today, and there were, perhaps not surprisingly, some interesting revelations throughout the series. There were the rivalries and not-so-cordial relationships with governors in neighboring states, the fact that a fellow Democrat, Chris Donovan, was an obstacle to Malloy's first budget and how a key Malloy aide made a state representative cry over education.
Mann, working for the Connecticut Post, got a full year inside the governor's inner circle — what amounts to unprecedented access. The result was a near-complete picture of Malloy.
What we see is a governor clearly dedicated to his family and his job, a man that has faults, and admits them, and tries to surround himself with the smartest people he can. We also see that the governor is not afraid of a fight, even if it means not aligning himself with his own political party. 
Here's a list of all of Mann's stories, and a quick rundown on each.

Part 1: Malloy's first year
In which we learn how the governor "struggles" with his out weaknesses, and dealt with the first days in office.
Part 2: The Malloyalists
In which we look at Malloy's closest, most trusted advisers, and how they aid the governor.
Part 3: The battle from within
In which we watch Malloy and Democrat Chris Donovan spar over the budget.
Part 4: Childhood filled with obstacles to overcome
In which we look at Malloy's childhood and upbringing.
Part 5: Legislative lords bridle at Malloy's reach
In which now Chief of Staff Mark Ojakian makes Rep. Roberta Willis cry.
Part 6: Cathy Malloy a powerful force in Dan's world
In which the relationship between the governor and his wife is examined.
Part 7: 'Corporate Dan' means business
In which the governor balances the interests of legislators and businesses
Part 8: Heavyweight bouts
In which we get a peek into Malloy's relationships with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
Part 9: Labor's uneasy dance with Dan Malloy
In which the governor and his staff work with state employee unions to hash out a deal.
Part 10: How a deal became undone
In which judicial marshals vote down a deal.
Part 11: In labor standoff, Malloy refused to blink
In which the prospect of shedding more than 10,000 state jobs creates conversation.
Part 12: A sullen, wary citizenry hears Malloy out
In which Malloy sells his budget directly to the people of Connecticut.
Part 13: For Malloy aides, the unforgivable sin
In which we look at Malloy's children, and talk about marijuana laws.
Part 14: A desperate drive to save UBS
In which the governor attempts to keep UBS in Connecticut.
Part 15: A season of storms threatens Malloy's stature
In which severe weather affects the governor's office.
Part 16: A governor finds he still must play politics
In which the governor must navigate the rocky shoals of his own party's leadership.
Part 17: Fencing with the news media
In which we look at Malloy's sometime's contentious relationship with the press.
Part 18: A high-stakes gamble or a sure thing?
In which high-stakes projects, like Jackson Labs, create a buzz inside the governor's office and beyond.

Part 20: Moving on, looking ahead
In which the important questions are asked: Does Malloy dye his hair and does he want to be president?

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