Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bysiewicz on video: Her plan for reform

Former secretary of the state and current Senate candidate Susan Bysiewicz has posted a video, outlining her plan to "reform" Washington, which as we knew, dealt with the role of lobbyists.
According to a release, " In 2010, there were 12,951 registered federal lobbyists – that’s almost 25 per member of Congress. 370 of them are former members of Congress themselves. Combined, lobbyists spent $3.51 Billion to influence Congress. It is no surprise that the same year, Congress created 9,129 earmarks costing taxpayers $16.5 Billion."
Her plan also addresses a permanent ban on earmarks; public disclosure of all meetings with lobbyists; a five-year ban on Members of Congress and staff from becoming lobbyists; a constitutional amendment to prevent campaign donations from corporations; independent commissions to draw Congressional districts; and a ban on campaign-style mail financed by taxpayers.

Susan Bysiewicz: Real Reform In Washington from Susan's Plan on Vimeo.

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