Thursday, January 12, 2012

Murphy announces more than $700,000 raised in 4th quarter

Below is the text of a release issued by the Murphy campaign today:
Because of your support in the final days of the fundraising quarter, we eclipsed our third quarter numbers and ended the year in perfect position to drive towards the convention, primary, and general election.
But, as I always stress, the amount of money we've raised is only the beginning of the story. Some of the most important numbers lie beneath the surface.

* $720,000 raised in the fourth quarter
* 82% of contributors from Connecticut
* 80% of contributions were $250 or less
* 1,200 new contributors

Take a look at our high resolution, street-level map of contributors and personal endorsers. It's an impressive view of the grassroots foundation that will carry our campaign to victory.
You can see the map here:
Since we launched, well over 10,000 people from Connecticut have joined the campaign as contributors or personal endorsers. That means an average of more than 30 people a day are signing up to get involved as part of Team Murphy.

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