Monday, May 20, 2013

Kermit Carolina eligible for New Haven Democracy Fund grant

Mayoral candidate Kermit Carolina and the Kermit Carolina for Mayor campaign is eligible for $5,530 in matching funds from the New Haven Democracy Fund, according to a letter to the campaign that was released to the New Haven Register.
The letter says the Kermit Carolina for Mayor campaign “submitted 222 contributions, of which 207 were approved...of Carolina’s 207 qualifying donations, the Democracy Fund will match 152 contributions which were the minimum of $10.”
As Carolina’s “campaign has qualified for the matching funds, and since this primary election has been declared contested, Mr. Carolina’s campaign is now eligible for the $19,000 Democracy Fund one-time grant. Thus, the check to Kermit Carolina for Mayor should be for $24,530.00,” the letter says,

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