Thursday, October 25, 2012

List of write-in candidates includes six presidential hopefuls

Here’s a “didja know” — didja know there are six (count ‘em, six) write-in candidates for president this year? There are also six write-in candidates for vice president, seven write-in candidates for United States Senate, and two write-in candidates each for the 3rd and 5th Congressional Districts.  Plus, a number of write-in candidates running for various state House and Senate seats

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill released today the complete list of registered write-in candidates, though she noted the playing field is not quite the same for write-ins. The office they are running for is on the ballot, but the candidates themselves are not.

Write-in-candidates “do not appear on the ballot but voting machines are programmed to accept votes for write-ins if they are registered with the Secretary of the State,” Merrill said in a release issued Thursday.

“Barring any last-minute withdrawals, our list of candidates for the November 6th general election is now set,” Merrill said.  “I want to make sure voters are informed about every candidate eligible to receive votes on Nov. 6 whether their names appear on the ballot or not.  This is going to be a very high turnout election, so I urge anyone at all thinking about the very important issues facing your city or town, our state and our country – register to vote now while you still can so your voice can be heard in the Nov. 6 Presidential election!  The final day to register for the election is next Tuesday October 30th at your town or city hall.  Don’t sit this one out – we want to hear from you on Election Day Nov. 6.”

The following is a complete list of registered write-in candidates for political office in Connecticut in 2012:

Office                                                                                                                Candidate
President of the United States                                                               Stephen Durham
Vice Pres. of the United States                                                               Christina Lopez

President of the United States                                                               James E. Harris
Vice Pres. of the United States                                                               Maura Deluca

President of the United States                                                    Tom Hoefling
Vice Pres. of the United States                                                   Jonathan Ellis

President of the United States                                                               Raymond Sizemore
Vice Pres. of the United States                                                   Vicki Tomalin

President of the United States                                                    Jill Stein
Vice Pres. of the United States                                                    Cheri Honkala

President of the United States                                                    Gerald Warner
Vice Pres. of the United States                                               Ricky A. Hood
U.S. Senate                                                                                                     Michael D. Adams

U.S. Senate                                                                                                     Matthew Coleman

U.S. Senate                                                                                                     Rajat Hodja

U.S. Senate                                                                                                     Peter Rumbin

U.S. Senate                                                                                                     Jeff Russell

U.S. Senate                                                                                                     John Traceski

U.S. Senate                                                                                                     Michael Vasile

3rd Congressional District                                                                           Hector W. Concepcion, Jr.

3rd Congressional District                                                                           Stephen “Steve” Packard

5th Congressional District                                                                            Russ Jaeger
5th Congressional District                                                                               John Pistone
State Senate - District #7                                                                           Elizabeth Traceski

State Senate – District #21                                                                    John M. Dempsey

State Senate – District #26                                                                        Remy Chevalier

State Representative – District #24                                                       Ruslan Vasyliv

State Representative – District #34                                                       William “Bill” Devine

State Representative – District #43                                                       William B. Cutler

Registrar of Voters – Bridgeport                                                             David N. Moore

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