Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lieberman gets a "C" on inequality report card

How does Connecticut’s Congressional delegation rate when it comes to equality? Pretty good, on the whole.

The only federal lawmakers from Connecticut to receive lower than an B on The Institute for Policy Studies’ new Congressional Report Card on inequality were Sen. Joe Lieberman, who received a “C” grade, and John Larson, who got a “D.”

As a release issued Wednesday detailed, “the overall “GPA” for Connecticut is 3.3, which is a ‘B+.’ Connecticut ranks as the 46th “most 1 percent friendly” state. In national studies, Connecticut also ranks as the 46th poorest state and, at the same time, the second most unequal state.”

The study looked at 40 different pieces of legislation: The bills considered for the report card ranged from legislation to establish a ‘Buffett Rule’ minimum tax rate that all wealthy Americans must pay to a measure that would raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation.”

“Members of Congress have the capacity to make sure all Americans, not just a privileged few, share in the wealth that we all together create,” study co-author Scott Klinger, associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies said in a release. “With this new report card, voters can see for themselves how well their elected lawmakers are meeting that responsibility.”

So how did the state’s other members of Congress do? Chris Murphy, outgoing 5th District representative and senate candidate received a “B,” 3rd District Rep. Rosa DeLauro and 2nd District Rep. Joe Courtney both received an “A-,” which Sen. Richard Blumenthal got an “A.”

The full results are below. 


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Unaffiliated Pro-Life Candidate John Pistone For Connecticut 5th District.

October 26, 2012 at 9:47 PM 

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