Friday, October 19, 2012

Cafero blasts tuition hikes approved by Board of Regents

What follows is a press release from House Republican Leader Larry Cafero, of Norwalk, taking issue with the embattled Board of Regents' plan to go ahead with tuition hikes:

House Republican Leader Larry Cafero today questioned the timing of the vote by the Board of Regents to approve automatic annual student fee hikes to pay for building projects in light of the disastrous secret attempt to give eye-opening pay raises to higher education staff. The Board of Regents on Thursday signed off on a plan to hike student fees annually for the next 25 years to pay for new dorms and other facilities within the state university system. The Regents are also contemplating at least a 3.1 percent hike in tuition to fill a projected deficit.
 “The first thing they need to do is restore public confidence and support for higher education in the wake of this scandal that has led so far to two resignations within the system. The timing of this action could not have been worse,’’ Cafero said. “For weeks all the public has heard about the raises that had eventually to be rescinded and now learn that fees and tuition are going up again.’’ He added that before the Regents decide to raise fees and then tuition, “The public needs a full accounting of what led to this scandal. So far, that has not happened,’’ Cafero said. Cafero has repeatedly asked for a public hearing by the Higher Education Committee to examine the oversight and leadership of the system that educates half of the state’s college students.
 At least $262,000 in raises, including one for $48,000, were handed out by the former Board of Regents President Robert Kennedy to staff members without any scrutiny or public notice. Kennedy and the Board of Regents Executive Vice President Michael Meotti resigned last week and the raises were rescinded as the scandal broke.   

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