Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cafero endorses Roraback (release)

Statehouse Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr. has endorsed State Sen. Andrew Roraback in his bid for Congress. In announcing his endorsement, Cafero pointed to Roraback’s record on jobs, his experience as a legislator, and electability as the main reasons for lending support to Roraback’s candidacy.
“Republicans have a terrific opportunity to win back the 5th District this year, and Andrew Roraback represents our party’s best shot at victory in November,” said Cafero. “With a strong pro-growth record on economic and fiscal issues, legislative experience and proven electability, I have every reason to believe the voters of the 5th District will also support him, and I am happy to endorse his candidacy.”  
Roraback said he was honored to receive the endorsement from Cafero, one of the state’s most prominent and respected Republican leaders.
“I thank Larry Cafero for his faith in me, and I am honored to accept his endorsement,” said Roraback. “Republicans know that above all, the ability to win this seat in November is the most important factor in selecting a candidate as our party’s nominee. As I travel throughout the 5th District, I am buoyed by the level of acceptance with which my message is being received.”

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