Monday, March 12, 2012

Bernier slams Roraback on death penalty

Sen. Andrew Rorback, a long-time staunch supporter of death penalty repeal, has backed off a bit, and linked the issue to the sentence reduction credits that were passed last year. Roraback has said his position is not campaign related but, whether his position is a way to vote with his party and not against his conscience, or not, his 5th district Republican opponents are making it a campaign issue.
The latest is Justin Bernier who, today, took a stab at the senator after a press conference with crime victims:
“We may have witnessed history today in Hartford. I never thought a politician would try to play both sides of the death penalty issue until Andrew Roraback's press conference today. A candidate who won't take a clear position on this black-and-white issue is not ready to lead in Congress.”
Roraback is a moderate Republican, and he's probably none too happy that the death penalty repeal issue came up in the one year he attempts to seek higher office.
As I have before, I will point out, without editorial comment, that the death penalty is not and never will be an issue that either Lisa Wilson-Foley nor Bernier (nor Mark Greenberg, for that matter, though he appears to have stayed silent so far on the issue) will ever have to deal with.
They are not and are not running for state-wide office. Roraback, alone among the Republican candidates, is faced with making a tough decision in the midst of a contentious political race.

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