Thursday, March 8, 2012

Looney, Stillman heading to Los Angeles to discuss the middle class

Sen. Martin Looney and Sen. Andrea Stillman could be singing a bit of Randy Newman this weekend:
Roll down the window put down the top
Crank up the Beach Boys baby
Don't let the music stop
We're gonna ride it till we just can't ride it no more
Looney said today that he was heading off to the City of Angels for the State Legislative Leaders Foundation's 2012 economic summit. What's on tap?
Discussions will include the importance of a vibrant middle class to revitalizing the stagnant economy as well as specific steps legislators can take to rebuild their economies and that middle class.
The "challenge" of the summit is similar:

With the shrinking of the middle class and America (and indeed much of the world) mired in the Great Recession, the American Dream seems out of reach for a growing number of Americans. Unemployment is high, optimism low and voters are anxious about the future. What can legislative leaders do to get the economy moving again, growing the middle class and renewing the American Dream?

Looney said he's been a member of the SLLF since becoming majority leader, though he's since taken a spot on the organization's board.
And, in case you ask, the trip isn't costing taxpayers a dime.
"Not at all," Looney said.

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