Friday, March 2, 2012

Senate candidate Whitnum continues to fight for the right to debate

After being excluded from a Democratic debate, Lee Whitnum, Senate candidate, Malloy antagonist, anti-AIPAC activist and author, was told by a judge that his hands were tied -- he would not grant an injunction.
But she's taking another stab. This time, on First Amendment grounds,
According to a release, " Today Friday, May 2, 2012, Whitnum will have one more chance to get into the debate. Alvin W.Thompson Chief United States District Judge will hear Whitnum’s case on the First Amendment violation."
Though she claims her exclusion from Saturday's debate will cause irreparable harm, "Creditability [yes, she wrote "Creditability"]  is the life-blood of any politician," she said, she's dropping her lawsuit against the Norwich Bulletin and parent company Gatehouse Media. 
“This is not the right time," she said. 
Still she left the door open for a defamation suit against the Bulletin's Ray Hackett, who she seems to personally blame for her exclusion. More from the release:
Whitnum; claims Hackett based his decision on: “lack of name recognition.” But that his real motivation is to ingratiate himself to the leadership of the Democratic Party, the most powerful party in region.
Mathew Oakes, Whitnum notes, has also been excluded from the debate, though she seems to have forgotten about someone.
Mathew Oakes, is the only other registered Democratic candidate from the state of Connecticut for the US Senate. He has also been excluded from the debate by Ray Hackett.
There are five Democratic Senatorial candidates. She seems to have forgotten about Sylvester Salcedo. Apparently, you gotta fight for your right to be recognized as a member of the Democratic party.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The keyword is "registered" Mr. Salcedo is not registered with the FEC.

March 6, 2012 at 4:49 PM 

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