Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A 5th district candidate that (almost) no one knows

A colleague of mine recently sent this release my way:
On Monday, March 19th, at 7:30 pm, at the Cornwall Library (30 Pine Street, Cornwall), the Democratic Coalition of Northwest Connecticut (DCNC) will host Randy Yale, a candidate for United States Congress in Connecticut's 5th District.
My colleague sent me the following note along with the release: "Have I been snoozing? Who the heck is Randy Yale?"

Mr. Yale is currently the Chair of the Cheshire Environmental Commission, and is running on a reform platform, concerned that the revolving door between public service and private industry is a corrupting influence on our democracy. 
Yale, one of 11 candidates in the race for the 5th district, has amassed zero dollars, according to his most recent filing. He's not alone in that regard — indy candidate John Pistone has also $0 in the bank.
To be fair, Yale is not completely unknown. As far as I can find, he's been covered in the news three times.
And, according to the stats posted on his blog (which he apparently writes himself — awesome personal touch, I must say) he gets a few hits. This post on his jobs plan garnered 80 reads.
So, for sure, the headline of this post is somewhat inaccurate. More than a few people know of Randy Yale.

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