Thursday, January 26, 2012

Congressional Twitter contest gets serious; Murphy pulls out the big guns

On Monday, Congressmen Jim Himes and Chris Murphy began a friendly contest to see who could garner more Twitter followers within a five-day period.
With one day left, Murphy just kicked it up a notch.
For starters, check out this tweet from Murphy this afternoon:
My constituent @MiaFarrow: I'm in a contest with Rep. Himes for most new followers this wk. Need a RT to help the cause.
Really? Mia Farrow?
UPDATE: She re-tweeted it. to all of her 29,760 followers.
But before that, the 5th district congressman and Senatorial candidate sent out a letter to campaign supporters today directly intended to get more followers on Twitter. Here's a sample:
"If you're not already doing so, join me in the conversation and follow my @chrismurphyct account.
Here's a quick sample of the kind of tweets you can expect from me:
* Read my behind-the-scenes journal from my most recent trip to #Afghanistan
* If CT has to recognize Texas's gun laws, I want them to recognize our marriage laws. #dontmesswithct
* #DADT repeal passes House. C'mon Senate - history bends only one way, and never forgets those who were on the wrong side."
On Monday, here's how the two lawmakers stacked up on Twitter:
Murphy: 3,052
Himes: 5,086

By today (as of this writing, at 1:07 p.m.), things have changed — well, somewhat:
Himes: 5,396
Murphy: 3,378

That means that Murphy is in the lead, by the slim margin of 16, having garnered 310 followers, while Murphy has tacked on an additional 326 Twitter followers. At this point, it's anybody's game. 
(And while we're doing some shameless promotion for the sake of Twitter followers, why not follow me on Twitter, too?)

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