Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Hyers leaving the state Democratic Party?

Rumors that Connecticut Democratic Party director Eric Hyers would be leaving his position are abounding right now, though no one will officially go on the record.
One source familiar with the state Democratic Party, who wished to remain nameless, said only that "I know he's leaving, but I don't know where he's going."
Jaclyn Falkowski, spokesperson for the party, when asked if Hyers is leaving, said she "can't confirm that at this time."
According to CTNewsJunkie, Hyers was one of 100 candidates who aimed for the job after Dan Kelly left his position as interim director.
And considering Hyers' resume, he could go anywhere.
Hyers, originally from Massachusetts, has worked on political campaigns in Rhode Island, New York, Iowa and Wyoming, CTNewsJunkie reported when, only 10 or so months ago, Hyers took the job.
He may be heading back to Rhode Island, where an NPR blogger has suggested Hyers will work again for Congressman David N. Cicilline's reelection campaign. Hyers was instrumental in Cicilline's initial bid for Congress, before coming to Connecticut, so it's possible.
Check this, from Ian Donnis' blog posting:
Footnote: Cicilline’s once and perhaps future campaign manager, Eric Hyers, is currently the executive director of the Connecticut Democratic Party.


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