Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The small, small world of political fundraising

Follow this, if you can: A former campaign manager for Lisa Wilson-Foley now works for the firm that is doing Andrew Roraback's campaign fundraising.
Tiffany Romero Grossman, the first in what appears to be a series of four campaign managers, is now working on a contract basis for The PierceZappi Group, which counts Roraback as a client, though partner Robert Zappi said Grossman is in no way working on Roraback's campaign, saying she has "no responsibility, no input" — not that it would be illegal if she was, just unethical.
"It's good ethics, good values," he said.
After Grossman left the Wilson-Foley campaign for medical reasons (she couldn't devote the time that the campaign required, Zappi said), Chris Covucci was hired to run the campaign, but then he left to work on the Chris Coutu campaign in the 2nd district.
Coutu, by the way, also employs PierceZappi for his political fundraising.
Then, Courant blogger and columnist Rick Green reported that Chris Syrek, a veteran of the Tom Foley campaign (which also employed PierceZappi), was Wilson-Foley's new campaign manager.
Not quite true anymore.
Chris Healy, the one-time chief of the Connecticut Republican Party, and one-time head of Sebastian Giuliano's mayoral campaign in Middletown, when pressed, said he was the campaign manager for Wilson-Foley. And Syrek? He's the deputy campaign manager.
Follow all that?
"Typically, there are people who go from campaign to campaign," Zappi said.
Now, just to set the record straight, Zappi said his firm engages in fundraising and fundraising only.
"We're not doing any political consulting whatsoever," he said. "What a campaign manager would do, we don't provide that service."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is this news? Sure, it is a small state and there are only so many potential clients for a fundraising firm, with a limited talent supply to recruit from to raise the money. I don't understand why any conflict of interest should ever be addressed, what a reach!

The news here is that LWF appears to have people fleeing her campaign on a quarterly basis. What campaign manager leaves a self-funder in an open seat that is actually winnable for an R to run a campaign for a candidate who can't rub two nickles together in the second CD? She must be unbearable to be around?!

January 19, 2012 at 12:49 AM 

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