Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Senate candidates mapping the race

The state's Two Storm Panel wrote of the importance of good map data. It seems Senate candidates agree.
The two supposed frontrunners, Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican Linda McMahon are prominently featuring mapped data on their homepages.
The maps contain slightly different data, but the messages seem to be the same: "Look how widespread our support is. Wouldn't you like to be a part of this?"
Murphy is mapping both endorsements and donations (in the map below, red is for donations, blue is for endorsements). Though it's not interactive, Murphy does offer a super-high-res version.

McMahon is tracking just endorsements, but her map offers an interactive look what her supporters are saying. Which is nice. You can zoom down to street level.

What some may find interesting is how closely the maps' data resembles each other, at least at a cursory glance. Both show concentrations in Fairfield County, New Haven and Danbury. Both show (not surprisingly) less support in the less populated areas of the state.
A hard look at the actual data that produced those maps might be more revealing, but just the use of maps in this way demonstrates how important the concept of being "grassroots" has become. 
Look at who your neighbors support.  

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