Monday, January 23, 2012

Murphy and Himes compete for Twitter followers

Over the weekend, Congressmen Jim Himes of the 4th district and Chris Murphy of the 5th, also running for Senate, apparently decided to engage in a friendly battle for more Twitter followers.

This from Himes yesterday:
"I'm in. Bet is 10,000 cents. To a charity in winner's district"@ChrisMurphyCT: who gets more new followers next week, M-F. You in?"#bringit"
Then, Murphy weighed in today:
@Jahimes Got to BDL early for flight to DC - used time to sign up 27 people at Gate 9 as new followers.

Remember, the game is not who has more, but who gets more between now and Friday. Himes, you may be curious to know, has somewhat more followers than Murphy. Here are the standings so far.
Murphy: 3,052
Himes: 5,086

I should offer a bit of a disclaimer: I don't care who wins, and I am not suggesting that you should follow either of them on Twitter. I will, however, post something Friday about who wins, just in the interest if completeness. 

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