Friday, January 27, 2012

And the winner is ...

A Twitter contest between Jim Himes and Chris Murphy came down to the wire. But the New Britain Spanish Speaking Center is the real winner.
Murphy knew he was behind (despite getting a re-tweet from Mia Farrow) and tweeted this:
5 minutes and counting! Call your mom! Shout to your neighbor! Need a few more followers to win bet for charity w Himes.
The prize is 10,000 cents (paid by the loser to a charity of the winner's choice) and competition was bitter. Well, sort of..
Last hours of my fight with Murphy for new followers. He's up by exactly 1 person. Help me bring 10k cents into CD4 with some new followers!
But in the end, Murphy won, by a fair shot.
Here were the standings on Monday.
Murphy: 3,052
Himes: 5,086

Today, the standings were...
Murphy: 3,494
Himes: 5,520

Which puts Murphy on top by eight followers, with 442 to Himes' 434. (Murphy's count was a bit different. He tweeted that he had won 452-430.) Congrats!
And the 10,000 cents go to... The New Britain Spanish Speaking Center.  And Himes concedes:
Reviewed hanging chads with FL, appealed to #SCOTUS, but for good of the country, I concede that @ChrisMurphyCT edges me out.#wellplayed
But wait! Controversy arises, courtesy of Wall Street Journal reporter Shelly Banjo:
Showing up on Promoted Twitter accounts is @ChrisMurphyCT, suggesting Mr. Murphy paid for the promotion @jahimes is that against the rules?
Murphy, though, solved the problem gracefully:
Fun contest w @jahimes. I'm donating 10,000 cts to @HabitatCFC anyway. Great cause. Join me at"
To which Himes replied, "Me, too."

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Anonymous Seriously said...

Of course there was controversy and questionable tactics at play. They are both democrats! LOL

January 28, 2012 at 1:59 PM 

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