Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Malloy may start disciplining fraudulent state workers

It appears that the DSS investigation into state workers who may have defrauded the government after tropical storm Irene may have claimed its first 24 victims.
Gov. Dannel Malloy's press secretary, Juliet Manalan, confirmed in an email that the governor would be "putting something out on it later today," though declined to get into details. 
The first indications, though, came out on Twitter: 

"@NewsBell Gov Malloy sending first list of approx 24 state employees suspected of fraudulently collecting Irene aid to begin disciplinary action."
 "@NewsBell: Just In: RT @markdavisWTNH: Malloy to begin discipline against approx 24 state employees in storm aid scandal."
The Courant tells us that the first (approximately) 24 names will be sent to department heads for possible disciplinary action.
A food-aid program made available after the would-be hurricane became subject to fraud, Malloy said, when state employees either undervalued their salaries or overstated their dependents in order to become eligible for the program, which provided money for food, as opposed to actual food stamps.
According to the CT Mirror, 
"Andrew McDonald, the governor's general counsel, said the state has identified no more than 24 employees who appear to have underreported income to qualify for aid, but he cautioned that the number could rise as the inquiry continues. About 800 state employees obtained the federally funded Irene assistance."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats the problem?minorities have been defrauding government for years

December 7, 2011 at 8:32 PM 

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