Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Occhiogrosso gives in and joins Twitter

Malloy advisor Roy Occhiogrosso has caved in. He's on Twitter, and he's off to a good start at gaining a following.
His first Tweet was late Tuesday afternoon and, within an hour or so, had garnered 80 followers.
And he had only Tweeted twice:
"I finally broke down. I'm on Twitter"
and, a few minutes later, in response to a couple of questions:
"@sbanjo  the doba made me do it"
There was no dearth of comments on his arrival into social media, one interesting comment coming from Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton (himself quite a tweeter @MayorMark) offering the Twitter version of a fruit basket:
"@ROcchiogrosso Twitter is like Las Vegas. What happens on twitter, stays on twitter. Welcome.."
Though Chris Murphy's comment had value, too:
"@ROcchiogrosso new to Twitter? My advice - talk about Justin Bieber's political views - A LOT. People love that."

What follows is a list of tweets by and about Occhiogrosso:

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