Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Supreme Court grants 21-day extension to reapportionment commission

The State Supreme Court has granted a 21-day extension to the reapportionment commission charged with redrawing the state's Congressional districts.
The order was granted without hearing, according to Greg D'Auria, solicitor general for the Office of the Attorney General, though he said he wasn't sure why the case did not get the same full hearing it did 10 years ago.
The court, D'Auria said, "took the commission at face value." 
"It didn't see a reason to convene about it as they did the last time," he said.
If the commission cannot come to an agreement by the Dec. 21 deadline, the court will, under the state constitution, adjudicate the issue. 
If that should happen, "it's in the court's court, so to speak," D'Auria said. 
Congressional districts must be drawn, according to law, no later than Feb. 15.

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