Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bysiewicz releases plan to hold Wall Street, Washington accountable (release)

This morning Susan Bysiewicz released her Accountability Plan using Twitter and Facebook. The Accountability Plan provides a comprehensive set of proposals to hold Wall Street, corporate special interests, and Washington Accountable to the middle class. Bysiewicz provides an overview of her Accountability Plan in a video on new website which is focused on six specific ideas on how to rebuild the middle class. Over the next several weeks Bysiewicz's Senate campaign will release a new video explaining each of the ideas outlined in the Accountability Plan.
The Accountability Plan consists of six specific things that can be done to hold Wall Street, Corporate Special Interests, and Washington accountable:

1.       Make Wall Street pay back the money they cost the middle class and help homeowners crushed by mortgage debt

2.       End corporate welfare and the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

3.       Have real reform in Washington. Specifically that means no more earmarks, no gifts from lobbyists, and non-partisan Congressional districts

4.       Require utility companies to buy clean American Energy

5.       End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and reduce our troop levels in Europe and Japan

6.       Ensuring that Democrats keep their word with immigration reform by ensuring that there is a path to citizenship
 You can watch her video at

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Anonymous The Barefoot Accountant said...

I read the plan. Where is Chris Murphy's plan? I give Susan Bysiewicz credit for presenting a thoughtful, detailed, and comprehensive plan. The transaction tax would reduce risky speculative trading as well as raise needed and justifiable revenues from the Wall Streeters; the Homeownership Vesting Plan to keep people in their homes and refinance their mortgages would attack one of the forces hindering a recovery; the elimination of corporate tax loopholes and her proposal to increase taxes on the wealthy and hedge fund managers would help decrease the deficit; her major overhaul of lobbying would limit the influence of big business on members of Congress; and her push for clean energy alternatives would foster a new economic driver to our ailing economy.

December 18, 2011 at 3:00 AM 

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