Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DEEP Commissioner Dan Esty heading back to Yale

Read the statements about Commissioner Esty's return to Yale here:

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy
“As the first Commissioner of a state agency that took on expanded responsibilities, Dan Esty led the way in integrating and reinvigorating our approach to environmental regulation and energy policy and building a strong foundation for 21st century action,” said Governor Malloy. “During the three years he served as Commissioner, innovative and breakthrough programs were put in place to successfully address long-standing environmental and energy challenges.  In addition, steps were taken to lighten the burden of electricity costs, an issue that has created real problems for our families and businesses.   I thank Commissioner Esty for all he has done in working closely with me to build a stronger future for Connecticut and I wish him all the best upon his return to his duties at Yale.”
Commissioner Esty was appointed by Governor Malloy in March 2011 to head what was then the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  He then became Commissioner of DEEP, when the role of DEP was expanded and its name was changed in July 2011.  DEEP is charged with conserving, improving, and protecting the state’s natural resources and environment and with developing and implanting policies and programs to make cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy available to Connecticut’s residents and businesses.
“I am proud of all we’ve accomplished on the environmental and energy fronts with the hard work of a skilled and dedicated agency staff and the active support, engagement and guidance of Governor Malloy,” said Commissioner Esty.  “In sum, our efforts have made Connecticut a national leader when it comes to innovative approaches to both environmental regulation and energy policy.”
He continued, “We have demonstrated that we can protect our natural resources and quality of life while strengthening our economy and creating jobs.  We have also shown that by harnessing market forces and using innovative financing solutions to leverage private capital, we can make real progress in bringing cheaper, cleaner, more reliable power for both residents and businesses.”
State Sen. Ed Meyer, D-Guilford (Co-Chairman of the General Assembly’s Environment Committee)
“Commissioner Esty, in coordination with the Governor, has greatly raised the environment and energy standards in Connecticut, and he will not be easily replaced,” saidSenator Ed Meyer. “He has done an exceptional job of joining the environment with clean energy. His leadership with respect to the preservation of the shoreline in regard to extreme weather, sea level rise and sewage spillage has been particularly noteworthy.”
Since Esty’s appointment to the position in 2011, he and Senator Meyer have worked together on many critical issues concerning the conservation and protection of Connecticut’s natural resources and environment. Senator Meyer particularly thanked Esty for his work protecting the shoreline communities that Meyer represents following destructive storms that have struck the state in recent years.



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