Monday, December 12, 2011

Republican candidate Greenberg stumping in communities the GOP wants to take away from him

Mark Greenberg, candidate for the 5th district, began a "Jobs Listening Tour" in Waterbury and Danbury but, if his fellow Republicans get their way, many of those voters won't get the option to vote for him.
You see, Danbury isn't in the 5th district, according to a plan submitted by the Republican members of the state's redistricting commission. It's in the 4th.
Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton made a plea this weekend for his city to remain in his district, saying,
"Danbury belongs in the 5th CD - we are the economic center of Western Connecticut, and have had representation in Congress that has recognized our importance to the communities around us."
Here's Greenberg's schedule for the Tuesday edition of his "Jobs Listening Tour." It's interesting to note that, if the GOP version of the map is approved, none of those places will be in the 5th district:
10:00 am - Elmer's Diner. Danbury
11:00 am - Pioneer Cleaners, Danbury
12:00 pm - Spirits N' Such, Danbury 
1:00 pm - Tour Greenwood Avenue, Bethel 
3:00 pm - Carminuccio's, Newtown
But, as Boughton noted, "Of course, all this is likely moot as the congressional redistricting will most likely end up in court for the judges to sort out."
And Greenberg agrees. "In my opinion, it will probably go to the courts," he said during a short phone conversation this afternoon. "I'm just trying to deal with the district as I know it now."

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