Friday, August 21, 2015

Speaker Sharkey lauds job numbers in Connecticut

Speaker Sharkey
House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, D-Hamden, "hailed this week’s positive economic news and urged Republicans to stop gleefully predicting economic doom," according to a release.
In the release, Sharkey noted "recent employment numbers indicate Connecticut’s economy is heading in the right direction."
Read more about the job numbers here.
Sharkey also said that " instead of celebrating, state Republican legislators seem bent on rooting for failure." He was referring to this statement posted on the website of Senate Minority leader Len Fasano , R-North Haven, about state discussions with General Electric.

“Instead of rooting for Connecticut’s failure, Republicans should applaud that Connecticut has its lowest unemployment rate since 2008, and that our economy is turning the corner,” Sharkey said in the statement. “Their cynical practice of seeking to score political points at Connecticut’s expense must stop.  I welcome their policy ideas but their drumbeat of negativity is only hurting our state and our economy.”
Read Fasano's statement on GE here (unattributed statement removed):
“According to news reports, this counter-offer from state government will be laden with economic incentives which have not been disclosed,” Fasano said.  “If these reports are true, then they contradict remarks made recently about GE by Democrat leadership in the Connecticut General Assembly.”
Sen. Len Fasano
“If Gov. Malloy is preparing a state taxpayer-funded counter-offer for GE to ensure that the company keeps jobs here in Connecticut, I wonder if he has taken these statements from leading Connecticut Democrat legislators into account?” Fasano said, in the statemnt.  “These lawmakers feel strongly that GE is not negatively impacted by the new state budget.  So why is Gov. Malloy prepping a taxpayer-funded aid package for GE less than two months after he signed the state budget into law?
 When Gov. Malloy signed the budget into law, he said, ‘I'm very proud to pass the budget as amended.’  He signed the budget while Democrat leaders laughed and applauded.  These reports of the potential state tax subsidies to GE now make me question whether Gov. Malloy still considers his statement an accurate one. 
“If GE is bluffing about leaving Connecticut, then why would Gov. Malloy offer them a lot of state taxpayer money in hopes they will stay?”



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