Friday, March 23, 2012

Patch: Congressional candidate plagiarized

According to, 2nd Congressional district candidate Daria Novak may have copied text from other sources to put in her own blog, which hosts.
According to Patch:
"After receiving complaints from Patch readers claiming that portions of two blogs authored and posted by Second Congressional District candidate Daria Novak were copied from other sources, Patch editors investigated and determined that portions of the two posts appear to contain text copied from other sources without attribution or indications of direct quotation from such sources."
Patch's Elisa Bass goes on to detail the offenses, with examples of text apparently lifted from The New York Times, The Washington Times and other sources.
Novak, according to Patch, gave the "I didn't know" response when confronted by editors at the online news source:
"When I read material from multiple sources, and have multiple people emailing me without attributions, I assume the material was in the public domain."
Novak's blog has been suspended. According to her website, from which the picture above was taken, Novak "is an Executive Consultant and former President of ERUdyne, LLC international cross-cultural, business management and homeland security training and consulting firm she founded in March 2001. She specializes in helping organizations to leverage culture and turn it into a competitive advantage. "

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