Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2-storm panel talks "robust mapping"

Gov. Malloy's two-storm panel convened this morning with a conversation on GIS mapping technology.

Tyler Kleykamp, of the OPM, gave panel members an in-depth explanation of GIS (Geospatial Information System) technology, which he called "a tool to aid in decision-making" using layers of map data to "create customized maps and analysis."

Keykamp is also a member of the Connecticut GIS Council, and noted that, at present, no utility company has taken part in that organization.

Kleykamp also mentioned See-Click-Fix and crowd sourcing as a means to collect data, and stressed the need to share data to create a "broad, state-wide picture."

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(Some) 5th District GOP candidates pledge to abide by term limits

Mark Greenberg and Mike Clark, two of the five Republican candidates seeking the 5th District seat held by Chris Murphy, signed a pledge to abide by term limits and to eschew Congressional pensions, should they be elected.
“Refusing a Congressional pension is a no-brainer,” Greenberg said. “Serving in Congress is an honor and a privilege that should not result in a lifetime of taxpayer-funded entitlement. Term limits are also much more in tune with what the framers of our government originally envisioned – a citizen government, not a legislature comprised of career politicians.”

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